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Updated: Feb 4, 2021


  1. Weyburn Wrestling Club (WWC) understands that screening is a vital part of providing a safe sporting environment. The purpose of screening is to identify individuals involved with WWC activities who may pose a risk to WWC and its participants.


  1. This policy applies to individuals whose position within WWC or WWC related activities is one of trust or authority which may relate to, at a minimum, decision making on behalf of and/or supervision of young people, and/or vulnerable individuals.

  2. WWC requires that all board members, coaches and volunteers (including managers, medical personnel etc.) undergo screening as outlined in this policy.


  1. Unless determined otherwise by WWC in their sole discretion, all volunteers (board members, coaches, team managers, medical personnel, officials and WWC staff) will be required to provide proof of screening, to receive accreditation for participation. Acceptable screening includes:

  2. Criminal Record Check (CRC) with a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC).

  3. Please note that all volunteers (board members, coaches, team managers, team medical, officials) will be required to provide an updated CRC and VSC annually.

  4. Failure or refusal to participate in the screening process as outlined in this policy will result in the individual’s automatic ineligibility to be accredited for participation  with the WWC.

  5. If an individual provides falsified, inaccurate, or misleading information, WWC may immediately implement conditions, suspend or terminate that individual from the WWC and the individual may be subject to further discipline.

  6. If an individual subsequently receives a charge, conviction for, or is found guilty of, an offense they will report this circumstance immediately to WWC.


  1. Individuals may only obtain a CRC and VSC through the Weyburn Police Service, submitting two pieces of government-issued identification (one of which must have a photo), and completing any required paperwork.

  2. WWC will provide a letter confirming the potential position within WWC (the “Confirmation Letter”). In the event that the police station refuses to provide a CRC and/or VSC on the grounds that the individual does not have direct contact with a vulnerable sector, the individual should acquire a signed note from an officer confirming the refusal.

  3. Fingerprinting may be required if there is a positive match with the individual’s gender and birth date.

  4. Fees may be required to obtain screening information. Screening fees for all individuals will be the responsibility of the individual.


  1. Every individual as outlined above will submit the required documentation at the time requested. Further, WWC may request that an individual provide a CRC and VSC for review and consideration at any time. 

  2. Individuals who do not undertake the screening requirements required by this policy will receive a notice to that effect and will be informed that their registration / accreditation will not proceed until such time as the screening requirements are followed.

  3. If an individual’s documents do not reveal a positive response (“yes”) or the possibility of a relevant offence, WWC Board of Directors will grant the individual with eligibility to be accredited for participation in WWC.

  4. In the event that screening document(s) disclose a positive response (“yes”) or the possibility of a relevant offence, WWC Board of Directors will not grant the individual accreditation for participation in WWC.


  1. All records will be maintained in a confidential manner and will not be disclosed to others except as required by law, or for use in legal, quasi-legal, or disciplinary proceedings..


  1. Decisions under this policy are final and binding and are not appealable..

  2. Applicants who wish to appeal will be advised to pursue having their personal records pardoned and will be encouraged to re-submit an application once they meet all of the WWC Screening criteria. 

August 16, 2020

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