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  • How old do you have to be to start?
    Kids can start as young as 5 years old.
  • Is wrestling safe? Will my child get hurt?
    While wrestling is a physical, full-contact sport it remains statistically one of the safest sports with very low incidents of serious injury. Minor injuries that we commonly see include joint sprains, muscle strains and bruises.
  • Are concussions common in wrestling?
    Concussions are a part of playing sports, however research shows the rate of concussion for wresters ranks between soccer and basketball, which is at the mid to low end. Weyburn Wrestling Club coaches have taken training and are prepared with a concussion protocol to identify and assist athletes when required.
  • What equipment will I need?
    The requirement for equipment is very affordable for wrestling. All that's required is a pair of wrestling shoes. All athletes are required to wear wrestling shoes at practice with the exception of those on a "Learn to Wrestle" membership.
  • Do you offer grants to help cover registration and equipment expenses?
    The Weyburn Wrestling Club does not directly offer grants to help cover registration and equipment costs. We do host an equipment exchange at the start of each season. Funding to help cover registration and equipment costs is avialbel through KidSport and the Canadian Tire Jump Start programs.
  • Are tournaments mandatory?
    No, tournaments are not mandatory. Athletes can choose which tournaments to attend as they see fit. Our policy is that tournaments are an exstension of regular practices - an opportunity to learn and test your skills in a competitive setting. For older athletes, higher expectations are set for provincial and national tournaments.
  • Are parents required to do fundraising?
    Yes, however we work very hard to ensure that the commitment is minimal. Our fundraisers are planned a year in advance. Information is included in the Parent/Athlete Handbook about what the expectations are for the current season.
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