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Everything you need to know about wrestling equipment.


Everything you need to know to gear up for the season!


A wrestling singlet is a one-piece spandex or nylon uniform worn by wrestlers in competition. Singlets are tight-fitting to reduce the risk of injury from a finger getting caught in the fabric, reduce the chance of an athlete gripping the singlet for leverage (which is illegal) and to make it clear for the referee to see the wrestlers’ body when awarding points or a pin.

Head Gear

The only purpose for head gear is to provide protection to the ears from friction, which can lead to painful bruising and swelling (cauliflower ear). Despite the name, “head gear” serves no protective purpose for injuries to the head such as concussion.


A mouthguard is a protective piece of equipment that reduces the risk of injury to teeth, gums and lips. Wrestlers are recommended to purchase a “boil and bite” mouth guard. The most popular style, these mouth guards can be shaped and molded to fit closely to the wrester’s teeth and gums. Custom mouthguards from the dentist are another option.

Knee Pads

Wrestlers wear knee pads to a) help execute moves with less friction against the mat and b) they find it helps prevent bruising on and around the patella. Standard knee pads do not offer any structural support for injuries knees. Those medical devices are called braces and are in a different category.

Wrestling Shoes

When it comes to choosing a pair of wrestling shoes, the first priority is fit. The shoes should fit tightly to provide the foot and ankle support to move freely during practices and competition. Split soles are said to be more comfortable while non-split soles tend to be more durable.


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